About Us

Apostolic Academy was birth out of desperation for leadership training in the 21st Century.

Life today is fast paced and its demands are many. Church leaders are dealing with people whose lives are increasingly influenced by sin and the world. The church leader needs training to stay relevant and equipped for his call. However, we often face the issue of not having enough time. Apostolic Academy was designed with the goal of providing on-line training at the convenience of the student’s time.

Another common issue faced by churches is the need for Senior Leadership to mentor and transmit a pure DNA to the next generation of leaders. Many times, this responsibility falls solely on the Pastor himself. With more immediate and urgent needs pressing for his time, leadership training inevitably takes a back seat. This vicious cycle continues and ultimately the kingdom of God suffers. Everything rises and falls on leadership.

Leadership training is of utmost importance and should be at the forefront of every church’s discipleship and church growth plan. Apostolic Academy was birthed during such a time of desperation and determination. Training was done on an online platform with the training materials handpicked and designed by the Pastor himself so that the values, principles and DNA of ministry remain pure and the same.